Co-engineering and prototyping

We have the technical skills and equipment needed to support the customer in the development of new products by following in the stages of:
    the design
Success with our customers Historical passes through the collaboration present from the stages initials of the project to avoid any problems that They may occur in production.

Warehouse and logistics management
In order to offer a “complete” service to our customers, we are able to manage all the phases of logistics both in-bound and out-bound.

Our factory has 600 square meters exclusively for the warehouse area.

Logistics in-bound
In the case of third party work, we perform quality control of the goods arriving from the suppliers according to the standards indicated by the our customers. In any case, we have an internal protocol aimed at Ensure the control of the components we use to perform our work.
Outbound logistics
Deliveries of finished products are managed by us according to the demands of the customer. We are organized to ship and deliver where required.