Electrical cable wiring CM Ottavi Productive

CM Ottavi Productive is able to perform all the processing phases internally in order to guarantee a cav wiring service i efficient and punctual, with the use of automatic machines. The The assembly production process and the realization of wiring takes place on specifications and technical drawing (or sample) provided by the customer.  Wiring electrical cables is a process of connecting cables and connectors to create a functional wired system.
The main stages of the processing of wiring of electrical cables can be indicated in:
  • realization prototypes and sampling
  • cutting cable
  • wire diving
  • unheeding cable
  • cleaning cable
  • aggraffing
  • cut and finishing sheaths to measure
  • assembly and insertion of components (e.g. rubber, seals, sheaths, etc.)
  • resining, resin preparation and application
  • silicone and silicone
  • welding, preparation and application tin
  • tin to the cossel
  • marking of the components
  • wire marking
  • cable traction control
  • 100% functional verification and testing
  • labelling
  • verification and counting
  • recovery work

CM Ottavi Productve is specialized in machining for the assembly and wiring of electrical cables, in the assembly and wiring of electromechanical components, electric (cables, connectors, permuters, support infrastructure) on Technical specifications for different production sectors, such as:

  • automotive (e.g. cable wiring for lambda probes, ABS sensors, brake system sensors, etc.)
  • cable wiring for electrical and lighting systems,
  • cable wiring of connections for motors,
  • Wiring cables of conessioni for monitoring and diagnostics,
  • cable connection wiring for railway systems,
  • Cable wiring for medical equipment, machine harnesses and apparatus for aesthetics,
  • cable wiring remote driving systems (drones),
  • Wiring cables for vending machines for beverage vending machines,
  • cable wiring for many other components and semi-finished products,
  • Wiring cable and assembly precision equipment.