Cable assembly, electrical components CM Ottavi Productive

Starting from the technical specifications of the customer, we carry out the assembly of the components by performing all the processes.
    Production on the Customer's request
    Prototype assembly at customer’s request, review, final testing and service
    Technical collaboration in prototyping and sampling
    Electrical cable cutting and diving
    Earnings electrical cables
    Cut to size and finishing sheaths
    Marking of electrical cables
    Realization of electrical wiring with final testing
    Assembly of plastic and metal components
    Insulated terminals, non-insulated terminals and puntalini
    Mounting blocks and connections
    Eyeglassing and re-eakliing on metal components
    Welding on printed circuit boards and slats
    Stagnature with cossel
    Marking on plastic and metal components
    Two-component compound preparation for resining
    Resing with vitrification in a forced ventilation oven
    Resing with vitrification at room temperature
    Cold-treading of various metals with presses
    Thread and bevette on various metals
    Packaging of articles
    Labelling on request and customization according to the needs of the customer
    After-sales assistance, Drafting of technical forms related to production, on request by the Customer
    Recovery operations performed on technical specifications required by the Customer

Some products assembled with wiring made
by CM Ottavi Productive
Wiring cables automotive, lambda probes, ABS sensors, sensors for the braking system, etc
Electrical cable wiring on components
cable wiring for electrical and lighting systems,
cable wiring of connections for motors,
Wiring cables of conessioni for monitoring and diagnostics,
cable connection wiring for railway systems,
Cable wiring for medical equipment, machine harnesses and apparatus for aesthetics,
cable wiring remote driving systems (drones),
Wiring cables for vending machines for beverage vending machines,
cable wiring for many other components and semi-finished products,
Wiring cable and assembly precision equipment.