About Us

Since 1979 your satisfaction, our success.

C.M.Ottavi Productive, is a company that has been present for over 40 years in the market of metalworking.

1979 | Ours company is founded by Mario Ottavi in Rivoli, a small town of Turin. Initially the activity was focused on the turning Precision mechanics focused on products constructions / machines. With the takeover within the company of his daughter Alessandra Ottavi opened the doors to new customers and new machining for the automotive sector.

1997 | The C.M.Ottavi S.n.c. and thanks to the support of Giovanni Caputo Sales Manager, the production activity expands with the acquisition of a new plant, with the aim of concretize your technical skills, following the evolutions of the market.

2004 | The company has joined to carry out its commitment to quality for the peri-in-quality,ento to satisfaction of the customer, obtaining the certificate according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 maintaining a high level of quality over time thanks to checks carried out at every stage of production, at the care of machining and the consolidated company organization, passing in 2018 to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

2012 | Thanks to the increase in new works, We came to the conclusion that space was no longer enough, so We decided to invest in a new plant, always in the town of Rivoli, over 800 square meters. The issue of sustainability in those years were dear to us, because to prevent the risks to the environment and Respecting it in the production processes is not just a matter of ethics, but increasingly an opportunity for development for companies. So we decided to undertake an accurate system of attention to the environmental policy, installing the photovoltaic system in the new production plant by lowering CO2 emissions.

2021 | The year of the turning point can be defined, in How we all felt a little more vulnerable. Con Con the inclusion of the Ing. Chiara Caputo, third generation in the company, We decided to look to the future, so the C.M. was born. Eighths Productive S.r.l..

We have invested for the realization of a website and all the marketing communication that runs around: this has allowed us to emerge to a more viewed market and different from that of the automotive, differentiating the sectors of reference, while thanks to the inclusion of the figure of Business Developer we have increased our customer package, increasing then the final turnover.

Always and to this day even more, we are investing in the continuous training of our employees, on the quality and cost of the non-quality of a bad product. We believe in training, and above all we want to create an environment 

Positive and rewarding, to better achieve our goals Pre-fixed: customer satisfaction, in compliance with the code of ethics, thanks to quality workmanship.

CM Ottavi Productive

realizes the assembly of electronic and electromechanical components, both on series work for third parties, both on-demand processing and on customer's design, from the prototyping phase to mass production. All our processes are carried out by qualified staff with many years of experience and who perform regular training and safety upgrade plans, quality and training for the use of company equipment. The I our products are the evolution of electrical wiring that is combined with mechanical assembly on electromechanical elements and applications in general.

Since 2005 our company has been awarded annually for UNI EN ISO 9001 By obtaining requirements for the quality management system of the Company, ensuring a high level of quality thanks to the control carried out at every stage of production, to the care of processing and the consolidated company organization. We follow from several years a careful and accurate system of attention to environmental policy. We are also attentive to the environmental impact of our company: in the year 2012 the plant has been installed in our factory Photovoltaics. Our headquarters are in the industrial area of Rivoli, a few kilometers from the City of Turin and near the main highways. We have two production plants for a total of 1300 square meters dedicated to production, with over 20 employees.



We are a family business, independent in our choices, we believe that customers are conquering with quality products and excellent service. A lean company, flexible and responsive able to give maximum efficiency in the ratio with their clients. We are integrating into our staff new resources, giving space to a youth target to allow us to develop innovatively new production activities with a look to the metaphysical future. So is C.M. Ottavi Productive S.r.l., an active company in the assembly and assembly of electrical wiring harnesses and electromechanical, intends to communicate its brand identity, respecting the environment and the world around us, guaranteeing certain ethical standards, without gender disparity, trying to Always use a meritocratic method of work

customer satisfaction, thanks to quality workmanship.